Disconnected EP

by Erode

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released May 22, 2012

Josh Brumley
Taylor Jones
Anthony "Tron" Laur
Chris Page
Jeremiah Perry
Ahren Lanfor
Jeremy Bushnell



all rights reserved


Erode Tacoma, Washington

Erode is a hardcore band based out of Tacoma, WA. Formed in the Fall of 2010 and recording and releasing their demo entitled "End of An Era" for free download via bandcamp.com in the Winter of 2010.

Erode took time off to record their EP "Disconnected" in the late Summer of 2011 and released it independently for download in the Spring of 2012.
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Track Name: Disconnected
We've been told that we're helpless against this.
Betrayed by everything we've ever known.
Overlooked and taken for granted,
Spent our lives alone and where do we go from here?
So clear a path.
This way of life is killing me.
So disconnect.
We can never relate.
Endless, Lifeless, Soulless, Obsessed
You stand and stare with no hope your eyes,
but who is there left to blame?
Breaking out of this fucking rut
is easier said than done.
This is our worthless life
where only the helpless die young.
This is the white noise I need
when their words are dragging me down.
Voices conditioned for silence,
Minds taught to be mindless
How can I stay sane?
This apathy is killing me
This is not a life.
We are not alive
Track Name: Requiem
Dark and grim thoughts of my own
vulnerability. mortality.
If left alone they will take me over.
Deadly poisons, daily temptations
A different release for the demons inside me
an elitist mentality
A cold world filled with colder shoulders
But I will never let this happen again.
The touch of death has severed the ties.
and now I know I will never see you again
It’s too late to ever go back
Cuz I can’t change what’s happened in the past.
We turned this town upside down
the world was at our feet.
You turned this town inside out.
and now I stand alone. (forever alone)
I let my beliefs push you away
I would do anything to trade you places.
Since that can’t happen I will always remember
and ill make sure that this won’t happen again.
Powerless to bring you back
So I’ll wait to see what’s next
nightmares of when you slipped away
ill never make the same mistake.
I could have saved you.
I should have tried.
I will never let this happen again.
Track Name: The Deep End
I’m Sinking, I’m drowning, I can’t fucking breathe
The weight of the world is dragging me under
And I can't seem to keep my head above water
I'm Sinking, I’m drowning, I can't fucking breathe
I'm trapped. Merciless, unyielding death.